Top 5 Products I Recommend For On-The-Go Moms

I thought I would put together a list of products I use when I’m on the go with my daughter, Elayna. When Elayna is not at daycare and I have a media interview to attend to for a client, there are many things I like to bring along that get the job done quick and easy.

Elayna & her lamb Wubbanub.

Elayna & her lamb Wubbanub.

Wubbanub Infant Pacifier

For those Mommas who don’t mind giving a pacifier to their little one, this one is by far the best. I got this as a gift from my friend Kim at my baby shower. She mentioned her niece and nephew loved this when they were infants, so I packed it in my diaper bag before heading to the hospital to deliver my beautiful girl. When it was time to pull out a pacifier, my gut told me…this may be a little too big for her at the time. So I would recommend giving this pacifier to your little one around 3-4 months when they start grabbing things. I take it everywhere I go as it is a good soothing tool when your little one is tired, starting to get hungry, or is a little cranky.

Kalostar Waterproof Baby Liners

I don’t usually like putting Elayna on a diaper changing table without a pad and I have to say the Kalostar liners are truly amazing! (thanks Heather) They suck up EVERYTHING and they dry super fast. So just in case accidents happen when changing diapers, these liners will make things easy to clean up for you. The liners come in blue or pink.

HaloVa Diaper Bag

Headed out to the grocery store with my favorite diaper bag.

Headed out to the grocery store with my favorite diaper bag.

Everyone in my Mom’s group has this diaper bag and I can vouch for all of my Mom friends that this is by far the BEST diaper bag out there. It is a fairly neutral yet fashionable piece, has lots of pockets to get to things quickly and can fit a ton of stuff. When I have to run a couple errands before getting back to writing press releases, I pack two to three Avent bottles in the front pocket that has three insulated bottle slots. Please note, make sure you tighten up your bottles before placing them into the slots. I made that mistake on the airplane and got formula all over the place! But what’s great about this bag is that it’s waterproof and if it needs a cleaning it can easily go into the wash. I also make sure diapers and wipes are located at the bottom of the bag as their is a zipped pocket located at the bottom near the back pack handles. This makes for an easy diaper change! Lastly, I treat this bag not just as a diaper bag but as my purse. I put my water bottle in the side pocket and my phone and wallet in the inside pocket.

Oball Toy Ball

A simple yet fun toy that any infant will enjoy. Elayna loves to grab the ball and slam it on the table. I also roll the ball to her and she’ll grab it and stuff it in her mouth. Don’t worry the ball is soft and won’t harm there sensitive gums. This ball is a perfect size to fit in any diaper bag. You can easily locate it with its fun colors.

This blog post is not sponsored. These are products I use everyday and I hope all moms will enjoy this. Especially those who are on the go constantly like I am!

- Kristan

Kristan Vermeulen