Starting A Business I Love With A Big Belly & Lots Of Passion

I thank Maine everyday for giving me the opportunity to start my own consulting business. I have met the most amazing people, walked the best trails, sailed amazing water and overall just calmed my mind from the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s amazing to see entrepreneurs of all kinds here in this lovely state and I’m honored to be a part of the community.

Before I started this business journey I was working full-time with Sea Bags. For those of you who don’t know Sea Bags they are a small business based out of Portland, Maine who handcraft totes and accessories out of recycled sail cloth. For those of you who know me well, this is my kind of brand. I moved all the way from Maryland, my hometown which I miss as my family still resides there, to work for this one-of-a-kind small business.

This was a huge out-of-the-box opportunity as before I worked for the Department of Defense doing public relations and internal communications for them for quite some time. You know the saying, “When life gives you lemons make lemonade?” well my version is “When life gives you sails, sail away”. So that’s what I did, I sailed away into this amazing opportunity that allowed me to branch out of my comfort zone and voice something that I am truly passionate about. Instead of hiding in the dark of the federal government world.

When I was undergoing the interview process with Sea Bags there was one minor thing that popped up…I saw the lovely blue line show up on a pregnancy test. Man did that stir things up a bit! I was so nervous to tell Sea Bags because I wanted the job so bad so I waited until I finally got the offer. This still didn’t make things easy, but I kept thinking to myself if they truly want me then they’ll except all of me including the little being in my stomach. And they certainly did.

Working at Sea Bags for six months allowed me to understand the market of fashion, accessories and sustainability. Also, being made in Maine is a HUGE plus and the community loves hearing about it. I bet when you read the words “six months” it surprised you. You’re probably thinking wow this girl likes to move around. Well, I wanted to find the best opportunity for me and my current life situation.

As I was seeing this being grow in my stomach, I didn’t know if I could handle working full-time as I had no day care and the closest family to me was two hours a way and we felt bad asking for help. So I gave my two weeks notice to Sea Bags a couple months prior to my little girl arriving. It was a tough decision, as I love the brand and voicing there message was fun.

Then my business started with the help of the Sea Bags President. She wanted to keep me on board to see what I could do supporting them part-time. I was nervous at first as I didn’t know if I could support them part-time while watching my daughter. But as I’m sitting here now writing this blog, I think you all can guess that I can handle it just fine!

I wanted to start a blog to tell my clients, fans, family and friends how my life has been being a mom and entrepreneur and how I keep growing every day being in these roles. It’s fun, exciting and I hope to inspire new moms to become entrepreneurs too.


Kristan Vermeulen